Transitional Living Program

All individuals and families that are housed in emergency shelters are welcome to apply to our Transitional Living Program (TLP). The program is designed to assist transitioning individuals and families from the insular and protective environment of a shelter, to the steps that will lead to complete independence in their own homes, within new communities.

Support for TLP Clients

Living inter-dependently within various apartments throughout the city, residents of our TLP access a variety of services at Transition House. We provide weekly one-on-one counseling and support with an assigned Services Coordinator, as well as educational groups on Positive Parenting, Self-esteem, Healthy Relationships, and Personal Money Management. Together with their Coordinator, residents form a Personal Goals Plan, and receive educational and career counseling.

Part of the Cambridge Community

Additionally, in order to meet their goals for personal growth and healing, referrals are provided to appropriate medical and mental health providers and community agencies, moving them towards becoming members of their new community. The average stay in our TLP is nine months, and more than 90% of residents leave us for their own permanent housing, many within Cambridge.